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"Fantastic!!! By far, CJC has "clearly" been the most cost effective & time saving way to recruit seasonal staff." Harbourfront Toronto

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"This is the 2nd time CJC helped me land the exact job I've been looking for. You're the best!"  Sarah H.

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Ontario Waterway Cruises operates an overnight 45 passenger ship Kawartha Voyageur on the Rideau Canal and the Trent-Severn Waterway between Ottawa and Big Chute Marine Railway near Georgian Bay.

Season - We operate from May until mid October. Our crew are required to fulfill the entire contract.   

Staff Accommodation - While our crew are working on board the vessel, accommodation is provided. However when our crew are on their "off" time (4 days off), we do not provide accommodation on land.  All meals are provided as well as uniforms.  View Jobs

Working in Canada:  Tips for Expats

Living and working in Canada can be a very rewarding experience either for short term or for long term goals. Canada has a very high standard of living, and is still considered as a land of opportunity, yet there are still a number of hurdles to overcome for expats wanting to live, and work there. 

First of all, in order to enter Canada, there are two visa types: An employment authorization visa, and an immigration visa. The former being for a limited period of time, and does not confer permanent residency, the latter, on the other side does not put any restrictions on where to work, for how long, and does grant permanent residency but is much harder to receive. Some employers, though, are willing to sponsor you, so you could get a work visa.     Much More ....   

Toughest Interview Question  
"So, tell me about yourself." What is it about this question that causes so much trouble and strikes fear into the hearts of otherwise competent interviewees? Simple: it's a big open-ended question, the first question, and not many candidates think to prepare for it... so they wing it. Please, everyone, read my lips: you can not afford to wing this question! The interview is on and they are listening! Here are some great DOs and DON'Ts to answer the question:
  • DON'T wing it ... prepare for it and practice it
  • DON'T just list a boring chronology of your work history
  • DON'T use your elevator speech (30-second commercial), it should sound spontaneous, not rehearsed
  • DO summarize your work history or expertise
  • DO mention any relevant credentials or education
  • DO highlight some special qualifications or value you bring
  • DO keep it to about 20-30 seconds max (you can always ask if that answers the question at the end)
Think about it this way...if you had only 20-30 seconds to impress someone of your suitability, what might you say about yourself? Jot down some ideas, practice articulating how you would benefit their company so that it sounds natural, and you'll be all set to start the interview well and make a great first impression.     Much More .... 

The Art of the Interview  (by Julie Crompton)

The Tourism and Hospitality market in Canada is booming and candidates are always being sought for positions. The sector looks for employees who are confident, motivated and who can work well as part of a team and, with the right skills, candidates can enjoy the wealth of opportunities available in Tourism and Hospitality today.

When your dream job hangs in the balance of your interview performance, however, it can put pressure on you, so how do you ensure you give the best interview? By following some useful tips about preparing for the process and communicating well on the day, you can increase your chances of securing that job you’ve always wanted.  Much More ....