Important numbers about Toronto

In order to get good understanding of the life in a particular city, it might be a great idea to look through some statistical facts and other precise numbers which might tell you a lot about the location. This article will provide you exactly with such information. Some of the fact listed in the article will tell you more about the statistics regarding the city, whereas others will be measures or just curious numbers you might not be aware of.

The geography and nature of Toronto

Here are a couple of curious numbers regarding the geography of Toronto.

First of all, the city is located 76.5 metres above the level of the sea. The highest point in the entire city can be found at the intersection of Keele Street and Steels Avenu West. the height of this point is equal to 209 metres.

Secondly, the shore of Toronto is certainly worth your attention because of its immense length. The total length of the shore is 43 kilometres and it has a beautiful Lakeshore Boardwalk which is suitable for walking, jogging and cycling.

There is one fun fact about The Toronto Islands. Not everyone knows that this area of the city has not been of the form of islands all the time. Actually, the Islands became islands in 1858. That year was the year of the second massive storm after the storm of 1852. The storms were so intense that they literally detached the islands from the land and prior to these events, The Toronto Islands had been a peninsula. Now this place is pretty unique for entire North America as is it the greatest urban area where vehicles are not allowed.

One more curious fact about the nature of Toronto is the total number of trees located in the city. According to the latest statistics the total was around 10 million trees with the oldest tree located in North York. This red oak tree is 300-year –old.

The population and community of Toronto

Learn more about the residents and tourists in Toronto as well as the crucial numbers depicting its culture and sports life.

Tourists and residents of Toronto

You have probably heard about the fact that Toronto is the most multinational city of the world. It is quite possible this fact is indeed the fact and not just some impression Torontonians would like to create. Such multinationalism of the city gives it a great variety of languages which you can hear on the streets of Toronto. Actually, according to the statistics, more than 30% of people of Toronto speak a language which is neither French nor English. All in all, there are 180 dialects and languages used by the residents of the city. By the way, it is said that 50% of all of the residents of Toronto have foreign origin.

Of course, Toronto is also visited by many tourists and currently an average number of visitors per year is around 40 million people. Needless to say, such great interest from the side of tourists requires a lot of accommodation facilities and the total number of rooms available for tourists right now is 43,000.

You can imagine that Toronto is a crucial centre gathering a lot of people so the density of population in the city and in the areas surrounding it is pretty great. According to the statistics the area covering the proximity of 160 kilometres to Toronto is the home to almost one fourth of the entire population of Canada. If you compare the population of Toronto itself to the populations of entire countries, you will see the total number of residents of Toronto equals to the half of the population of entire New Zealand.

Sports, culture and recreation of Toronto

Needless to say, so many residents and visitors need a lot of places to eat and for that reason, you will find more than 8,100 restaurants in the city. In case you cannot imagine how many it is in the reality just assume having a meal every night in a new one. This will take you twenty two years to explore each of the restaurants and diners in the area in such a manner.

Certainly, the residents of Toronto are not only about eating. They are also heavily engaged into playing hockey and other kinds of sport. For this reason, Toronto is a unique city of Canada with its seven sports teams of the major league. The hockey team of Toronto is definitely Maple Leafs whereas Raptors are a basketball team. Blue Jays is the baseball team of Toronto, whereas its football team is Toronto FC. There are also a rugby team called Wolfpack and a lacrosse team known as Toronto Rock.

One more essential fact about the culture of Toronto regards the development of English theatre here. Of course, since a great part of the city’s population speaks English, you can assume the English theatre in the city will be popular. In the really, it is actually on the third position in the world coming after London and New York.

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