Curious facts about the architecture of Toronto you should know

Needless to say such a large city as Toronto is filled with amazing architecture which is absolutely worth of attention of any visitor. Some facts about its architecture are pretty well-known to anyone, however, there re still some curious facts you will certainly would like to find out about Toronto.

This article will show you some information about the architecture and the city planning of Toronto you might have never heard about.

Casa Loma

One of the most amazing buildings in Toronto, Canada and even entire North America is Casa Loma which is the only true castle in this part of the world. Casa Loma which was built by Sir Henry Pallet at the beginning on the twentieth century attracts with its fantastic architecture not only tourists but also film makers. An entire range of extremely successful films were recorded in Casa Loma. Some of them which you might have watched are Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows as well as X-Man.

The world’s record for the longest street

Not so long ago, Yonge Street which is as long as 2000 kilometres was regarded as the longest street in the world. Yet, a couple of years ago the record was reassessed and the street was divided into the part which is a street and the part which was reclassified as a highway. Still, as you can imagine, Torontonians prefer calling the street the longest one in the world. Whether it is really so or not, the length of the street is yet impressive.

The greatest underground shopping centre of the world

Even though Yonge Street is no longer the longest street in the world, Toronto actually has its own record when it comes to architecture. This record belongs to The PATH which is located in Downtown Toronto. This is a shopping centre which is regarded to be the greatest shopping centre located underground in the entire world so far. The total space of the premises of this shopping centre is over 30 km and the number of retail stores overcomes 1200. You can imagine, the place generates the greatest sales when it comes to the sidewalk trade in the world.

The entire centre connects seventy buildings and there are nearly 200 000 people exploring the place on a daily basis. This is indeed impressive!

The world’s highest wine cellar

If you have already been in Toronto or have happened to read some facts about this city, you have certainly come across the information about the CN Tower which for some time used to be the highest tower in the world. Even though the world’s record does not belong to the tower anymore, it still holds the record for the highest wine cellar which is located in the 360 Restaurant. This restaurant is situated in the tower and the height of its cellar is 351 mitres!

The Skydome and its retractable roof

The technology of constructing a retractable roof is pretty useful and even though it might seem pretty modern, in the reality it had already been used in ancient Rome where it was used for covering and uncovering colosseums according to the weather conditions.

Still, when it comes to more modern times, the technology was not thus popular. When you are in Toronto, pay your attention to the Skydome which is also known as the Rogers Centre. This is the very first stadium build with a retractable roof.

Graffiti Alley

Another amazing fact about the architecture of Toronto is the fact it is paradise for the devotees of street art. If you visit this city, you should come to Graffiti Alley which is located in King West. This fantastic place has two kilometres of graffiti art which will impress those people reluctant about street art as well.

In addition to it, the city has an exclusive graffiti car which is vehicle completely covered with street art. The car is parked in Kensington Market and this is actually the only automobile which the city government allowed to place in the market area.

Skating rinks in Toronto

Undeniably, it does not come as a surprise that there are many skating rinks in Toronto. After all, Toronto is a Canadian city and it is supposed to be about skating and hockey.

The precise number of outdoors skating rinks in the city right now is 52. They open every December and are closed by the beginning of March. Some of them are located right in the city whereas there is a number of wonderful locations surrounded by natural environment such as, for example, forests.

Toronto and cars

If you are unhappy about living in the area overwhelmed by automobiles, you should consider moving to The Toronto Islands. This part of the city is the greatest area free from vehicles in entire North America.

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