The Canadian Rockies – the best summer tours

The Canadian Rockies is not only one of the most crucial natural sight of Canada, but it is also one of the most significant natural sights in the entire world. While the mere exploration of the landscapes of the five national parks of the Canadian Rockies is itself an unforgettable experience, you will find infrastructure for many amazing outdoor activities here which will make your trip to Canada one of the best events of your life.

Since some of the activities available in the Canadian Rockies are exclusively winter types of entertainment, we have divided our list of recommendations for your holidays here into two categories according to the season during which you are planning to come here.

Bicycle Tour Through Canadian Rockies

Do you enjoy long bicycle trips? Then, you should definitely chose Bicycle Tour Through Canadian Rockies since it is an amazing opportunity to relish the splendid views if the lakes and mountain peaks of the Canadian Rockies during your long way starting in the Jasper National Park and stretching up to legendary Lake Louise.

Bicycle Tour Through Canadian Rockies takes four days. During this time, you will mostly go along the landscapes of tranquil mountain lakes as well as through small but very lively villages and towns. The bicycle trip is supported by a van. In addition to it, your guide will be taking pictures of the participants of the tour during the even in order to allow you to focus on the trip itself completely.

Of course, during the tour, you will make stops for snacks and meals. The overnight accommodation is also included into the price.

Sunwapta Whitewater Rafting

No matter whether you enjoy the excitement and boost of energy given by a couple of hours of rafting or you have never tried this enthralling activity, you should participate in Sunwapta Whitewater Rafting organised in Jasper.

This rafting event lasts for four hours and it is especially recommended during the period between a middle of June and the end of July. The reason for it is high water which adds to the overall experience of participating in such an exhilarating activity. The place where you will raft is known as the Wild Water Rollercoaster Ride of Jasper since the route includes rapids of the third class as well as steep gradients.

If this will be your first time rafting, do not worry about the technique and safety measures as you will get all the necessary instructions from a professional guide who will be accompanying you during the entire trip.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, you can’t miss such a great adventure in the most beautiful surroundings.

Intro Survival Course Rockies

Nowadays, many people are feeling the urge of reuniting with the nature which is unfortunately impossible while interacting with the wilderness still being attached to all the commodities created by humans. If you are looking for an unforgettable outdoor experience or sharpening your survival skills is one of your hobbies, you will certainly like the tour known as Intro Survival Course Rockies.

You will get right into the middle of the fantastic landscape of the Canadian Rockies where you will be able to enjoy camping experience during two days. Needless to say, this is an absolutely unique experience which every outdoor enthusiast will like.

Rocky Mountains Hike

Of course, it is impossible to get maximum of your time in the mountains without hiking. Certainly, you can always go hiking on your own, however, you can participate in an organised tour and share this memorable moment with other devotes of nature.

One of such Rocky Mountains Hike tours lasts for seven hours and will take you to the trails going along Lake Louise which is one of the most beautiful Canadian lakes. Actually, this kind of a hiking tour is available to the visitors of the Canadian Rockies not only during the summer months. The mountains have their own charm and exclusive atmosphere during each season.

Rocky Mountains Hike is one of the best way to get closer to the flora and fauna of this unique natural sight.

Rocky Mountains Summer Adventure Tour

During a summer time, you are also invited to try a more complex experience in the Canadian Rockies. Rocky Mountains Summer Adventure Tour lasts four days and it includes much more than traditional hiking.

First of all, you will have an amazing opportunity to see the spectacular views of the scenery from Lake Louise Gondola. You will see the entire landscape of the mountains and the lake while staying high above the area. Then, you will have a trip to the Monte Creek Ranch Winery where you will be able to taste local wine and purchase a couple of bottles of this drink as a present. Another great activity included into the tour package is a river safari.

When it comes to the basic things covered by the price of the tour, they are of course an accommodation for three nights, breakfast, transport as well as a campfire with a barbeque dinner. The assistance of a professional guide is also included into the price.