Winter tours in the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies are one of the most popular mountains in the world covering over 69,000 square miles in Alberta and British Columbia. The Canadian Rockies is one of the major stops for every adventure-seeking traveler no matter whether it is a summer season or a winter season.

There is nothing strange in such a popularity of the Canadian Rockies since they include five beautiful national parks, whereas the limestone and shale peaks of these mountains make them world heritage. In case you happen to visit Canada during winter months, you should check one of the winter tours in the Canadian Rockies.

The greatest winter adventures

Any season in such mountains as The Canadian Rockies has its own advantages and the winter months are the time when you can get involved into absolutely exciting events. The frozen nature of the mountains, fields, woods and nearby lakes will give you something that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

Maligne Canyon Icewalk

Jasper National Park is one of the five national parks located in the Canadian Rockies. While the park is one of the most picturesque places in Canada during the summer season, it turns into a really magic spot in the winter.

The visitors of Jasper Nation Park in the winter will get in a fantastic frozen country looking like a real fairy tale. You will get fifty meters deep into the levels of Maligne Canyon formed by the incredible natural forces thousands of years ago. Frozen waterfalls and ice caves are inviting adventurers to explore them, finding the fossils some of which are older than 10000 years old. Needless to say, this place is regarded to be a so-called signature experience. The wonders of our planet hidden in Maligne Canyon will get you mesmerised.

Of course, in order to feel comfortable during the Maligne Canyon Icewalk tour, you will need special waterproof winter shoes capable of keeping the warmth as well as ice cleats which are absolutely necessary for a convenient walk under such weather conditions. Fortunately, this equipment is included into the tour price.

Winter Canyon Hike

If you are a real adventurer who is not afraid of harsh weather conditions and discomfort, which sometimes accompany a great experience of real outdoor exploration, you should try the Winter Canyon Hike tour.

The Canadian Rockies have their particular charm during the winter months when their breath-taking sights include so much of snow whiteness making the views of the winter wilderness even more spectacular.

A Winter Canyon Hike is a four-hour adventure, so it will not take too much time of your day. The hiking route will take you to especially picturesque places including an amusing rock formation near Grotto Mountain.

All you need to take with you in order to take the maximum pleasure in your winter hike are crampons for ice walking, some snacks and a good camera.

Special holiday offers for the visitors of the Canadian Rockies in the winter

Spending such important holidays as Christmas and The New Year surrounded by astonishing winter landscapes of the magnificent mountains will be a memory you will never forget. A variety of winter outdoor activities will help you to organise your time during the holiday period and get the maximum benefits of your stay in the mountains.

Rockies Adventure Christmas Tour

Undeniably, the Christmas time is one of the most magic events in the entire year for many people. Although you can celebrate this holiday in any destination of the world, the ultimate Christmas experience is possible only in the snowy mountains. Certainly, the Canadian Rockies are exactly the thing you need enjoy your Christmas holidays up to the maximum extent.

One of the most popular Christmas tours in the Canadian Rockies is a four-day offer including various winter activities which will let you enjoy the beauty of snow-capped lakes and mountain peaks.

The tour package includes accommodation in one of the three world-known Canadian ski resorts for three nights. The package includes the price of snow tubing, ice skating and a bonfire. When it comes to meal, breakfasts are also included into the price as well as a special Christmas dinner.

With these amazing outdoor activities you will keep yourself and your family entertained during the entire holiday time.

New Years Eve Ski Trip

Of course, you can meet The New Year in the Canadian Rockies as well. Fortunately, there are many exciting events are taking place in this area during the New Year holiday. For example, there is a great tour lasting four days offering a number of activities allowing its participants to have the best experience of the New Year holiday.

The package includes accommodation for three nights with the breakfast option, rides through the national parks of the Canadian Rockies as well the pass to the VIP parties held in the local clubs and bonfire.