Even more great ways to explore Montreal

There are so many things to explore in Montreal! You might have already come across some ideas mentioned in our articles. Today, we would like to share even more suggestions which will be particularly attractive for people who are really looking for some unique experience while visiting a new place. Even more sights in Montreal are waiting for you!

Montreal Wine Country Tour

Dining and drinking tours are a perfect way to learn about a new place through tasting its local cuisine and drinks. Of course, you can always explore the cuisine on your own, however, guided tours will give you a whole experience including learning about the culture and history of Montreal.

Montreal is a totally modern city with deep historic roots and amazing natural sights. On top of that, it is also a large wine producing spot in Canada.

Montreal Wine Country Tour is a great way to learn about the scenic wineries of this part of the country. Some of the most sought-after wines of North America are produced in the Montreal and Quebec regions and you will be able to learn everything about the art of winery during this tour held by a professional guide.

Undeniably, there is no real learning about wine without tasting it. That is why you will get a chance to try various types of wine produced in the local wineries including famous ice wine and hard ciders.

Traditional Ghost Walk of Old Montreal

Today, ghost walk tours have becoming extremely popular in various cities and towns of the world. Of course, some areas are particularly known for their ghosts whereas others seem to be less occupied by these scary entities. Anyway, ghost walks are a great way to learn some city legends and anecdotes which you will hardly find out in any other way. Of course, you might also be particularly fortunate and actually meet one of the spirits during the tour.

Traditional Ghost Walk of Old Montreal is exactly the option you need if you need to experience the thrill of a night walk in a frightening place absorbed by its dark atmosphere. A professional guide accompanying this tour is also an excellent storyteller, so, at some point you will hardly be able to understand whether you have actually seen anything scary or not.

There are three major stops in Old Montreal included into the ghost walk tour. Thus, your chances to meet one the restless souls are quite strong.

Helicopter Tour

Strolling around the city is the simplest way of exploring its nooks and crannies, however, you can see the place from a totally different perspective if you decide to participate in a Montreal Helicopter Tour.

A helicopter tour is not only the most exciting way to observe Montreal but it is also the best way to understand such an immense and diverse city. Some of the crucial parts of Montreal included into the flight are Victoria Bridge, the Olympic Stadium, the Old Port and the city’s downtown.

There are two option of the helicopter tour available for visitors of Montreal. You can choose a twenty-minute package or the one that lasts thirty minutes. Note that Helicopter Tour is one of the most favourite tours of the visitors of Montreal, so it is better to book the tour in advance.

St. Lawrence River Cruise

Another option you can choose for enjoying the sight of Montreal is by cruising the scenic river of St. Lawrence. St. Lawrence River is an extremely crucial part of the city and its significance was even greater in the past when it used to be the major way of transportation in Montreal. In addition to it, the waters of St. Lawrence River provided the large population of the city with food and jobs.

As you can imagine, the views of the city from the river differ from those you can observe while walking along its streets. Some of the most important sights you will be able to see during the cruise are the Olympic Stadium and the Old Port.

So far, you can choose one of the two tours of different duration. The first one lasts 60 min whereas another one lasts 90 minutes. Of course, each of them includes a professional guide who will share a lot of interesting information about the history of Montreal during the cruise.

Scooter Sightseeing Tour

As you can see, there are many ways to explore Montreal including traditional walking tours, cruising along St. Lawrence River or even by a helicopter. Still, there is one more option left which is a scooter tour.

Using a scooter for navigating around a city is a good idea since it will be faster than walking allowing you to see more during a shorter time whereas this form of transportation is relatively safe and cheap.

The scooter tour organised by travel agencies in Montreal lasts for three hours and includes various significant tourist attractions as well as unique neighbourhoods of the city. Among some spots covered by the tour are also the Jean-Talon market where you will get into a real labyrinth of sellers offering unique goods.