The best tours around Montreal

If you are planning a trip to Montreal, you are a lucky person. This Canadian city is a real treasure with its great history and unique architecture. In fact, Montreal with its population of over four millions of people is regarded to be one of the most European cities of the North America continent. The French influence on its culture is enormous giving this place absolutely amazing architecture. Once staying in Montreal, you should definitely check at least one of its tours in order to learn more about this great city.

Walking tours around Montreal

Certainly, on of the most popular ways to explore a city is by participating in a walking tour. Since Montreal is a large city, it might be rather difficult to check the entire area during a single walking tour. For that reason, you will find a large number of different short walking tours focusing on some particular parts of Montreal.

Walking Tour in Old Montreal’s West Side

One of the best places to go in Montreal if you are interested in seeing its French architecture and generally, its heritage, Walking Tour in Old Montreal’s West Side will be a great option for you.

In fact the tour is rather short since it lasts only 1,5 hour. During the tour, you will have a chance to see the oldest parts of the city. The history of Montreal really has deep roots since it is one of the oldest urban areas of the North America continent. The tour includes lots of sight-seeing. For instance, you will be able to visit Notre Dame Basilica which is regarded to be one of the most crucial landmarks of Montreal.

In addition to the historical sights, you will also have a time to visit some excellent boutiques located on Saint-Jacques Street. This street is usually referred to as the Canadian Wall Street.

Private Tour with a Local Guide

A great idea for exploring a new city is to participate in a private tour with a local guide. This type of tours have become quite popular in Canada and Montreal is not an exception.

The greatest thing about this type of tours is that they are completely customisable. It means that it is up to the participants of the tour to decide where they would like to go, what they would like to see and learn during such a tour. In addition to it, you can also choose the duration of the tour according to your own preferences. This is a great way to manage your time in the new city.

Private tours are a highly useful option especially right after your arrival to Montreal when you really need a guide to explore the city and learn about its opportunities from the very start.

Underground Montreal Tour

If you are looking for some unique experience while walking through the streets of Montreal, you should check the underground city tour which takes place indoor.

In point of fact, Montreal has an entire city underground. The infrastructure of the world hiding under the city is really fascinating. It is full of cafes, markets, business venues and shops.

Although the tour is based on walking, you will use public transportation from time to time in order to reach particular points of the tour quickly.

Not only will the tour guide help you to get acquainted with the history and culture of Montreal, but it will also introduce you to many neighbourhoods of this city which you might never come across on your own.

Food tours in Montreal

Needless to say, cuisine is a part of the culture of each country. It is impossible to feel the unique atmosphere of the place without tasting its local food and drinks. If you can agree with our point of view, you might be interested in participating in one of the food tours organised in Montreal. Here, you can check some of the options available to the visitors of Montreal.

Five-course dinner cruise

One of the most trendy ways to enjoy the local food of Montreal is by going on a five-course dinner cruise.

The cruise takes place along St. Lawrence River where you will have a chance to relish fantastic views of the splendid architecture of the city as well as spectacular natural sights. The departure is at 7 pm from the Old Port. Once you are on board the ship, you get into a unique atmosphere of a classy restaurant where hundreds of people including the Montreal citizens as well as the guests of the city came to share this fantastic evening.

It will be a great idea to finish a day of exploration of Montreal with a meal served in the elegant dining area filled by mood music. The glass walls of the ship’s restaurant will let you enjoy the breath-taking views of night Montreal.

The Original Montreal Beer Tour

If you are a real beet lover, you definitely know the feeling of checking local breweries and their products while visiting new places.

The Original Montreal Beer Tour allows you to do exactly this thing. During the tour, you will visit several pubs, bars and breweries located in Montreal where you get a chance to taste twenty varieties of local beer enjoying perfectly paired food.