Fashion gifts from Canada – the best ideas

Canada is known for many great products and clothes and accessories are not an exception. If you would like to buy something really authentic and unique for the ones you love or for yourself, you might find some ideas collected in this article useful. Of course, some of them are about buying something cosy and warm since Canadians really know a lot about proper clothes for winter. Others are about getting something from the high fashion Canadian brands. Anyway, no matter what you are interested in, the information in the article will provide you with some interesting ideas.

Traditional Canadian clothes and accessories

Of course, due to the typical weather conditions of Canada, many of their traditional clothes and accessories are meant to be especially warm. That is why, if you are living in one of the countries with a similar or even colder climate, you will definitely find the indigenous Canadian products highly useful.

Fur shoes and gloves

Although the modern fashion trend is about resigning from any animal material in the production of clothes and shoes, in some parts of the world such products remain a necessity for many communities who do not have access to high-tech materials which can protect you against rather low temperature. For that reason, the tradition of making garments and shoes from real fur still exists and you can find a lot of such products in Canada as well.

Cowichan sweater to make your loved ones warm

If you have ever heard such a term as an Indian sweater, then you have an idea of the way typical Cowichans sweaters look like. The thing is this type of warm dates back to the 19th century when the Coast Salish people living on Vancouver Island located in British Columbia also known as the Cowichan, started the tradition of making such garments. For a long time such clothes was indeed called Indian sweaters but in 1950, the name of a Cowichan sweater was reclaimed by the community of its inventors. Around that time many manufacturers started production of such sweaters as well, yet, the descendants of the Cowichan are still making these indigenous items.

In 2011, the Canadian government officially claimed that Cowichan sweaters are historically and nationally important for Canadians as a traditional indigenous product.

When it comes to the original hand-made Cowichan sweaters, you will hardly find two exactly the same products. Although some of the characteristics of these sweaters are similar, each one has its own shape, thickness and design. For the production of such sweaters, manufacturers usually use unprocessed home-spun wool, often rather bulky. It is typical for these sweaters to have a v-neck as well as a collar of a shawl type. The traditional iconography of the Coast Salish people is a quite typical pattern for such sweaters.

You can find sweaters of such a design in the popular culture as well, since many celebrities, for example Marilyn Monroe, had their photo sessions while wearing this piece of clothes. In addition to it, you can see the characters of many popular films, for example, The Big Lebowski, wearing Cowichan sweaters as well.

Casual clothes of the highest quality – Roots apparel

Roots is one of the most popular Canadian chains of fashion stores which is known for its stylish clothes and a stylish design of the shops themselves. Once you get into one of their stores, you will feel like getting into a Muskoka cabin due to the interior design including pillows made of a lumberjack-checked material as well as leather armchairs.

In the Roots stores, you can find anything you need, whether it is a spacious leather tote or comfortable sweatpants. The brand has collections for everyone: kids, men and women. Some of their collections are classic and traditional, while others are great examples of a modern style. In addition to it, the brand also has special collections for sport, for example, a yoga line. Furthermore, a great part of their production is completely eco-friendly.

The prices for the products of Roots are also very attractive, especially taking into consideration the high quality of the goods.

Canadian high fashion

Providing you are interested in the latest trends of fashion, you have definitely heard about some of the most well-developed fashion brands of Canada, for example, about Pink Tartan. The clothes and accessories designed by this brand are manufactured in Toronto and are sold abroad.

Undeniably, you will be able to find the clothes and accessories of this brand in many Canadian cities, however, if you happen to be in Toronto, you will have a chance to soak into the world of high fashion while strolling along Yorkville Avenue. The real paradise of fashion is located in the historic building number 77 on the avenue which is regarded to be one of the most beautiful stores in entire Toronto. Here, not only will you enjoy exploring original designer clothes, but also shopping in elegant and sophisticated surroundings.

If you visit this place, you will see that Canadian fashion goes beyond bulky and thick clothes allowing people to survive cold winters. The Canadian designers are offering much more to their customers and, what is even great about the Canadian designer stores is that the clothes and accessories are available for different prices.