The best alcohol you can purchase in Canada

Many people like buying a bottle of local alcohol as a souvenir from the country they have just visited. It is always pleasing to have such an item in your own home bar and it is also a good idea for a present for some one else. If you would like to bring some Canadian alcohol home, you will find this article useful as it will provide you with information about the alcohol of various percentages so you will definitely find something for yourself.

Note that we also provide some examples of the places where these products can be found. In our article, we are describing shopping in Toronto, however, you can find such alcohol in the majority of other Canadian cities as well.

For the fans of beer

Although when it comes to the world-known breweries, the majority of them are located in other countries. Yet, it doesn’t mean that the Canadian brewers don’t know how to make good beer. There are several types of beer produced in this country that you will definitely like.  Just pay your attention to the percentage of this beer. For instance, comparing the Canadian beer to the one made in the USA, you will see the latter has a smaller percentage of alcohol. So, you should be prepared for the appropriate effects of drinking such alcohol.

Steamwhistle Beer

If you love pilsner beer, you should undeniably try Steamwhistle beer sold in green bottles. The drink is quite light and is featured by a very rich taste and aroma. There is a tint of a floral aroma, delicate grassy notes and the sweetness of graininess. The taste is balanced by somewhat lingering but pleasant bitterness as well as a fresh crisp finish.

Steamwhistle beer is sold for a very reasonable price. Thus, a package of twelve bottles of this beer is available for around 24 USD. In Toronto, you can buy this drink in various places, including The Queens Quay Beer Store which is located 350 Queens Quay West. If you are visiting Toronto, you will also have a chance to visit the brewery itself which is situated on 255 Bremner Boulevard.

Mill Street Beer

Providing you or your family and friends prefer everything organic, you can purchase Mill Street Beer which is a classic staple produced exclusive from organic malt and hops.

Mill Street Beer is also a very light drink excellent for refreshment with its crisp texture and a clean finish. Note, the price for this beer is almost the same as the price for Steamwhistle Beer. Mill Street Beer can also be found in the The Queens Quay Beer Store, but you can first go to the BrewPub in order to enjoy this beer on tap as well as delicious food. Mill Street Brewery is worth visiting itself since it is located in gorgeous industrial building dated to the 19th century in the area of Toronto’s Distillery District.

Niagara Wine – the best souvenir from Niagara Falls

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Niagara Falls is one of the most crucial natural sights and tourist attractions in general in the entire Canada. This is the most powerful waterfall of the whole North American continent. The place where the waterfall is situated is itself magic since the picturesque Niagara river is situated right between two countries forming the border between American new York and Canadian Ontario.

Of course, if you decide to visit this sight, you should definitely make a lot of pictures of your trip, however, it is not the only way to commemorate this magnificent place. For example, on your way back, you can stop at one of the picturesque Niagara’s wineries where you can enjoy a bottle of local wine. The Niagara’s wineries produce different types of wine, the most popular types of this drink available here are Riesling as well as ice wine.

For instance, you can visit a beautiful Lailey vineyard which is located on 15940 Niagara River Parkwy Boulevard. Here, you can purchase some really good wine for a very attractive price such as a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc for $18.95. The tasting in this vineyard start at 12 pm and end at 5 pm.

Canadian Club Whisky – for the real devotees of whisky

Canadian Club Whisky is an iconic Canadian alcoholic drink which has been regarded as one of the best whiskies in the world for several decades. This whisky is a favourite one of many people around the world including real ones such as Queen Victoria and even fictional characters such as James Bond.

First of all, Canadian Club Whisky has a very long history since its production started in 1858. Secondly, it is featured by a delicious reach taste both creamy and spicy in which you can easily distinguish wood flavour as well as hits of vanilla. After the taste, a long and dry finish comes which makes the whiskey so delicious.

Despite the fact Canadian Club Whisky tastes like heaven, its price is quite affordable comparing to its supreme quality. Thus, a bottle of 750 ml is available for nearly 25 USD.