Spend an amazing day at The Forks

Are you visiting Winnipeg and would like to learn more about its attractions? The one you definitely can’t omit is The Forks. Right at the junction of The Assiniboine River and The Red River, a large recreational place is located. Here, you can find everything starting from countless shops and restaurants, object of cultural and historical significance, concerts and other public events. Visit the Forks that has already been an important meeting place for 6000 years and you will never forget this experience.

The Forks’ shopping facilities

One of the major attractions at The Forks is shopping, that’s why you will definitely enjoy this place if you would like to purchase some unique items available only in Winnipeg. The Forks market with its local retailers as well as Johnson Terminal which used to be a railway warehouse and now is the place you can find stores, boutiques and restaurants is waiting for visitors.

The Forks’ museums and galleries

If you want to learn more about culture and history, The Forks is also the right place for you. The Forks is home for several museums, galleries, theatres and other cultural objects.

Winnipeg Railway Museum is one of the most peculiar historical sites located at The Forks. This is the place where you have an opportunity to view The Countess of Dufferin which is the first steam locomotive in Canada. The exhibition of the museum will tell you a lot of interesting facts about the history and preservation of the Canadian railway.

Don’t forget to visit one of the exhibitions at Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The museum has a number of permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones where you can learn crucial facts about the development or violation of human rights in different parts of the globe. Some examples of the exhibitions you can now see at Canadian Museum for Human Rights are Explore Canada’s proclamation through augmented reality, Strength in Numbers: The Polish Solidarity Movement, Rights on the Job, Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War and ARTiculate Our Rights.

Some of the other historical and cultural sites worth at The Forks that are definitely worth your attention are Alloway Arch, Wall through Time, Rail Cars, Niimaamaa, Oodena Celebration Circle and The Forks National Historic Site.

Entertainment for children at The Forks

The Forks is a great place to visit with children as well. Here, kids will find many attractive activities and possibilities for learning about the world.

For instance, a great place to visit at The Forks especially when you are travelling with your children is Children’s Museum. This unique place was built in 1889 and back to that time, it was used as a train repair facility. Today, on the premises of the building, children have a chance of exploring amusing interactive items that are shown at the museum’s exhibition in order to enhance creativity.

You can also visit Manitoba Theatre for Young People if you are planning to come to The Forks with children. The place has a great theatre school where even toddlers can learn acting on stage. Of course, Manitoba Theatre for Young People is also the place where you can watch amazing performances that your children will definitely enjoy.

Parks Canada Playground located at The Forks is a great place for your children to spend a day moving and playing outside.

Natural sites at The Forks

The Forks is also a place where you can enjoy beautiful natural scenery. A number of gardens is located here, for example, Urban Garden, Public Orchard, Niizhoziibean which is the southernmost point of The Fork and Prairie Garden.

Other astounding natural sites at The Forks are Balance of Spirit Within, Peace Meeting Site and Riverwalk.

Other forms of entertainment at The Forks

The Forks is the place where you can meet many talented street performers who love this site very much. Since 1992, The Forks has been a place where face painters, musicians, magicians, stilt walkers, jugglers and puppeteers have been performing their art and skills to the delighted passers-by.

A great idea would be planning a visit to The Forks during one of the festivals that are organised at CN Stage and Field. This is the place where many important events and concerts are held.

Of course, The Forks is also the place where you can taste absolutely different cuisine. Some of the restaurants located here are Bindy’s Caribbean Delights, Danny’s All Day Breakfast, Fergie’s Fish’n Chips, Mini Donut’s Factory, Taste of Sri Lanka, Passero, Neon Cone and The Old Spaghetti Factory.