Even more fantastic Canadian desserts

We have already talked about traditional Canadian desserts but there are even more delicious sweet treats waiting for the visitors of this country. Read this article and do not miss anything mouth-watering during your trip to Canada!

Thunder Bay Persian rolls

If you are coming from outside Canada, you might not be aware of such a dish as Thunder Bay Persian rolls. Actually, you might not even understand its name. Of course, there is a history behind this complex name.

Thunder Bay Persian rolls were invented by Bennett’s Bakery. The bakery was located in the Port Arthur town. Today, this town is called Thunder Bay and the name of the dessert was modified appropriately. Yet, the sweet taste of this treat is still the same as well as the delicious pink icing covering them.

Jos Louis Cake

Are you craving for something chocolate and typical for the Canadian cuisine? What you actually need is Jos Louis Cake. This is a red velvet cake made of two layers. The layers are separated by cream. Th entire cake is covered with chocolate.

Tarte au Sucre

The name of tarte au sucre sounds sweet itself. What it really is a mixture of cream and maple sugar boiled together and baked on a pie crust. You can actually regard this dessert as a version of the traditional Canadian tarte.

Tire sur la Neige

Well, it is not a secret one of the most signature foods of Canada is maple syrup. There are many ways of consuming it and one of them is in the form of a popsicle. This is something unexpected, isn’t it?

Tire sur la Neige was invented in Quebec and it is made in the following way. First, maple syrup has to be boiled. the next step is pouring it in the dish with ice. In such a way the syrup is cooled and gets a texture of taffy. This makes it easy to roll it around a stick used for popsicles. Certainly, the dish is cooled even more.


Beavertails are actually quite popular and are certainly unique with such a weird name. Beavertails are made of special dough which is stretched in a special way so that it resembles a tail of a beaver and deep fried. Thus made cake is filled with anything you want including brown sugar, cinnamon, Nutella or peanut butter.

Pouding Chomeur

Pouding Chomeur is a quite simple and still very delicious dish which is a particularly interesting one since it represents the fusion between the European cusine and the Aboriginal one.

In fact, the name of Pouding Chomeur can be translated into English as the pudding of a poor man. This is so since it was created from milk, butter, eggs and flour as well as brown sugar. The later was substituted by hot syrup which is now covering the modern version of Pouding Chomeur.