The best Canadian desserts

Visiting Canada you might not expect to come across any special Canadian desserts as they might be not very well-known abroad. Actually, for foreigners it is not thus easy to come up with any name of a Canadian dessert. Yet, it does not mean there are no such. In fact, the Canadian cuisine has a variety of impressive desserts which you should absolutely try while staying in this country.

Nanaimo bars

Nanaimo bars are a true Canadian dessert which is even named after the Nanaimo city located on Vancouver Island.

This special dessert is cooked without baking which makes them particularly popular during summer. As you can imagine, the Nanaimo dessert has a shape of bars. These bars consist of three delicious layers. the base layer is made of wafer crumbs and coconut while the middle layer is yellow custard. The upper layer is the same as the base.

Saskatoon Berry Pie

Another traditional Canadian dessert which you will hardly taste anywhere else is Saskatoon Berry Pie. The dessert is really unique as it is made of Saskatoon berries which can be found in the area between Ontario and British Columbia up to the region of Yukon.

The pie is absolutely worth tasting it since the berries added to it are simply delicious. In fact they are thus tasty that and entire city was named after them. This is a piece of curious information, indeed the Saskatoon city located in Saskatchewan did not give its name to the berries. On the contrary, the city was named after the berries.

You might be wondering how such berries might taste. Saskatoon berries might resemble a bit of blueberries. however, their species is closer related to such fruits as pears and apples rather than blueberries. Saskatoon berries also have a bit of a nut taste which makes them particularly delicious.

The traditional Canadian pie made of these berries has crispy crust layered with sugar. The centre of the pie is gooey and it has a very balanced taste when it comes to sweetness and sourness.

Newfoundland Snowballs

It is difficult to imagine Canada with snow and especially Newfoundland. That is why there is nothing strange in the fact one of the traditional Canadian desserts is actually Newfoundland Snowballs.

As you can guess the shape of this dessert is a ball. It is usually made of a mixture of coconut and oatmeal. The centre of the snowballs is chocolatey and soft.

Blueberry Grunt

Certainly, there should be a dessert made of blueberries on the list the Canadian cuisine. There is actually one known as Blueberry Grunt.

In fact, Blueberry Grunt is an adapted version of a steamed pudding typical for the English cuisine. The grunt is made of a mixture of sugar, lemon and blueberries and it is usually served with ice cream.

You might be wondering why this dessert is called grunt. The reason for it is a grunting sound made by blueberries boiling under the dumpling.

Butter tarts

Butter tarts is possibly one of the most famous desserts from Canada. This dessert has been an essential part of the Canadian cuisine for a long time. The first time its re4cipe was published was in 1900 which actually does not mean it was invented around that time. Historians believe butter tarts were brought to Quebec by young women sent to Canada from France around 1670.

The dessert is thus popular in Canada that you can actually chose an entire Butter Tart Tour exploring more than 50 bakeries.

If you still do not know what butter tarts are, just imagine of a delicious mixture of syrup, butter, sugar and eggs.