Top Montreal gifts you can buy during your trip

If you are visiting Montreal, you should certainly think about getting souvenirs for your friends and family, yet, it might be not thus obvious what to buy here if you are not a resident of this city and you are not a particular fan of magnets and other traditional types of gifts.

In case you are searching for great ideas, pay your attention to the option mentioned in this article as you might find them quite useful.

Souvenirs related to the landmarks of Montreal

Providing you want to get gifts which are specifically related to the area of Montreal, you should pay particular attention to the gift shop of The Notre Dame Basilica. It is also recommended to look for metro-themed goods available in various shops of Montreal.

Notre Dame souvenirs

You might have already had a chance to visit one of the most iconic constructions of Montreal which is The Notre Dame Basilica. Yet, if you still have not been here, you should check the gift shop located on the premises of this crucial city landmark.

The gift shop of Notre Dame Basilica is offering unique souvenirs which cannot be found anywhere else. Certainly, they are related to the Basilica.

If you surf the Internet, there is a strong chance you will come across an online store of The Notre Dame Basilica. Note this shop is not working properly so you should not rely on it if you want to get some unique gifts from Montreal.

Metro-themed gifts

If you are in Montreal right now, in all likelihood, you have already noticed the beautiful metro signs made in the art nouveau style. In addition to it, there are many Montreal Metro stops with a particularly appealing architectural design which has inspired artists and souvenir manufacturers to create very unusual and aesthetic metro-themed gifts. Needless to say, this is one of the options you can use for your souvenir shopping.


Montreal is a home to many vineyards, wineries and breweries. This means you can easily find local alcohol worth taking it home and sharing with your family and friends.

Craft beer and beer merch

In case you know a beer aficionado or you yourself the one, you certainly need to check the offer of the local breweries since Montreal has many of them. Explore the local shops and find your favourite beer crafted in the area. There are also many stores offering brewery merch for real beer fans.

Ice wine

Certainly, one of the most popular types of presents one can get is local alcohol. Actually, Montreal is not especially well-known for its wine industry which is quite unfair since the area surrounding the city is filled with vineyards.

Of course, Canada is not featured by especially warm temperatures which are required for many popular species of grape, yet, it does not mean there is no great wine here. One of its common types of wine which is also produced in Montreal is ice wine.

You might have already come across the phrase “ice wine” while reading about the Canadian wineries. This particular type of wine is a dessert one which is made from the frozen grapes. A crucial fact is that these grapes are still on the vine while being frozen which is adding more sweet to them.

There are many wine shops in Montreal which will allow you to taste the wine before purchasing it. Marche Bonsecours is one of them.

Art and décor

Undeniably, Montreal is a city loved by artists, so it is also a great place to purchase art works for yourself or your family and friends.

The artworks of Native Canadians

If you are looking for original presents, you definitely should check the artworks created by the Native Canadian artists. A particularly large choice of souvenirs of this type is available in the galleries of Vieux Montreal. Note that these works can be rather expensive but they are certainly worth the money.

Art created by Labrona

If you have already stayed in Montreal for a couple of days, you have certainly come across the artworks created by Labrona. Labrona is one of the most famous street artists of Canada.

The works of Labrona can be easily purchased online and given as a souvenir to anyone who really appreciates art. The artworks of this outstanding artist are available at Etsy shop on the Internet. Even if you prefer traditional form of shopping, you will certainly be glad to get the gifts delivered right to your home rather than being worried about their transportation.

Montreal leather goods

Montreal is also a great place to shop for jewelry, leather goods and clothing. You will be able to find something beautiful and useful for yourself and the people you would like to give a present to.

There are multiple Montreal brands offering leather goods and some of them have not only shoes, bags, belts and wallets in their offers, but also jewellery made of genuine leather.

One of the most notable manufacturer located in Montreal is PHILO.