The most picturesque lakes of Canada

Needless to say, Canada is widely known around the world for its crystal-clear lakes located in the most amazing areas surrounded by colossal mountains and ancient forests. Undeniably, visiting at least one of these lakes during your stay in Canada is a necessary point of your trip. In this article, we have collected the information about some of the most impressive Canadian lakes which any of the nature devotee should see. Let’s explore the lakes of Canada together!

Lake Louise

If you have ever seen photos of the Canadian lakes on the Internet, postcards or in photo albums, in all likelihood, you have come across a picture of spectacular Lake Louise located in famous Banff National Park in Alberta.

Louise is a glacial lake and it is actually not especially large. Yet, its fame is not related to its size. The lake is so well-known due to its awe-inspiring appearance which is pure magic! Depending on the weather, the colour of the Louise’s water changes from emerald to bright blue and surrounding rocks of Mount Victoria make this place a real masterpiece of the nature’s creation.

Undeniably, there are a lot of outdoor activities offered to travellers who are visiting Banff National Park. This is one of the favourite spots of visitors for mountain biking, hiking, boating, regular fishing, ice fishing as well as ice climbing. Pay your attention to the fact, the localisation of this lake makes it a great spot for using the facilities of Lake Louise Ski Area which is one of the ski spots located within Banff National Park. As you can imagine, regardless of the season, this place has a lot to offer to travellers during the entire year.

Kluane Lake

All fans of fishing should visit Yukon in Canada in order to spend at least a day near Kluane Lake which is located at an elevation of almost 800 metres high in the mountains. As you can imagine, Kluane Lake is situated very close to Kluane National Park.

Kluane lake is also a glacier one and the turquoise colour of its water is one of its most characteristic features. Of course, another one is a great variety of fish species which you can get fishing here. Some of the most crucial of the species are whitefish, lake trout and Kuane caribou.

Along a great part of the shoreline of Kluane Lake, the A;laska Highway is locatedwhich is a great route to enjoy the fantastic views of this part of Canada.

Garibaldi Lake

British Columbia is also a great place to explore the Canadian lakes. One of the most important natural sights here is Garibaldi Provincial Park which is the home of a fantastic Garibaldi Lake.

Garibaldi Lake is located at the elevation of almost 1500 m above the level of the sea. The amazing turquoise colour of the mirror-like water of the lake reflects scenic mountains surrounding Garibaldi.

Garibaldi Lake is a large lake covering over 900 hectare between Squamish and Whistler. Garibaldi Lake Trail goes near the lake, however, only nine kilometres of the route are lying in the close proximity to the lake.

Like many other Canadian lakes, Garibaldi Lake is a great place to visit during an entire year. While hiking is the major summer activity available for the tourists, snowshoeing and skiing are the activities you can try doing near Garibaldi Lake in the winter.

Lake Ontario

If you happen to be staying in Ontario, it is a great opportunity to visit Lake Ontario which is one of the largest lakes in the entire world!

Lake Ontario is of great significance for both Canada and the USA due to its clear water. Actually, over nine million people living in Ontario and New York us Lake Ontario as a major source of drinking water.

Undeniably, Lake Ontario is also a majestic natural sight being surrounded by picturesque beaches and mountain cliffs. Large city centres are always located around the lake. You can enjoy the beauty of this place or try one of the activities available to the visitors such as canoeing, paddle boarding or windsurfing. In addition to it, the wildlife of the lake is really impressive. Since its water is so fresh and clean, the ecosystem of this area is featured with a large diversity of species of flora and fauna living under the water as well as around the lake.

Kootenay Lake

Would you like to enjoy breath-taking views while crossing one of the largest Canadian lakes by a free ferry? This ferry is the Kootenay Lake Ferry and, as you can guess, it is crossing Kootenay Lake which is located in British Columbia. Actually, this ferry is one of the longest ferries available for free in the world.

Kootenay lake is a spectacular natural sight particularly due to its unchanged landscape. The most part of the 145 kilometres of the shoreline of this lake wasn’t touched by humans, so you have a chance to enjoy the scenery just as it was created by the nature.

Furthermore, Kootenay Lake is a home for many crucial species of fish such as mountain whitefish, kokanee salmon, rainbow trout as well as white sturgeon.