Delicious traditional Canadian desserts

You will hardly find a person who doesn’t like deserts. Even if he or she is doing one’s best avoiding sweet treats such as cakes, candies, biscuits and others, it doesn’t mean one doesn’t enjoy eating deserts at all. Staying in Canada is a perfect time to try something sweet and delicious which you will not be able to get in your own country. Check our list of the most mouth-watering deserts originating in Canada and you will be able to make your own list of the foods to taste during your trip!

Butter tarts – the most popular Canadian dessert

In all likelihood, the only Canadian dessert you might come across in other countries is butter tarts. Actually, this is the first sweet food one might associate with the Canadian cuisine.

The secret of the popularity of butter tarts is in their simplicity. Of course, one of the most crucial ingredients of butter tarts is butter which is added to the tarts a filling. It is usually combined with eggs and sugar, however, you can find other variations of fillings as well. The tarts themselves are pastry shells.

Actually, you might have a chance of finding packed butter tarts in some supermarkets outside Canada, especially in the USA. Yet, as you can imagine, nothing can beat fresh butter tarts sold in Canadian bakeries and cafes.

Montreal-style Bagels

A bagel is a highly popular type of pastry which can be found in different countries around the world. Needless to say, every country has its own version of bagels. Some of them have quite neutral flavours of bagels, whereas others make them really sweet.

When it comes to the Canadian bagels, which are made in the Montreal way, you should know that they are quite different from those you can find in the Canada’s neighbour, the USA. You will see that the Canadian bagels have a denser consistency than so-called New-York bagels. In addition to it, the bagels made in the Montreal style are thinner and certainly sweeter than the American ones.

Traditionally, the bagels made in Canada are baked in special classic oven using wood. The bagels are also usually covered in sesame seeds or poppy seeds.

Saskatoon berry pie

For some people the best possible pie is a cheesecake, whereas others prefer chocolate fillings. Yet, for some people berry pies seem to be the most delicious.

If you are one of them, you should absolutely try Saskatoon berry pie which is characterised with an almondy flavour perfectly combined with berries.


Actually, beavertails are not exactly an example of traditional Canadian cuisine, yet, this particular dessert has recently become extremely popular in this country.

A beavertail is deep-fried dough in a shape of a slab. This slab is covered with various delicious toppings including peanut butter, Reese’s Pieces or Nutella. Different ingredients such as almonds, pieces of banana or cinnamon are added in order to create perfect combinations. As you can imagine, the final effect is a perfect crispy dessert.

Tire d’érable sur la neige

Undeniably, tire d’érable sur la neige is a totally authentic Canadian dessert since it is made of the most Canadian product which is a maple syrup. In fact, you can imagine this food as a kind of maple taffy and looks like a sugary candy.

Tire d’érable sur la neige is made in a very peculiar way. A special technique of boiling the maple syrup over snow is used which is crucial for making the syrup harden immediately. The syrup is then rolled up with the use of a popsicle stick.

The dessert should be eaten right away after preparation, that is why it is impossible to find packed versions of tire d’érable sur la neige in shops. This maple candy is just perfect – it is characterised with a very rich maple flavour as well as a gooey texture.

Nanaimo Bars

Doubtlessly, anyone crazy about sweet treats will like classic Canadian nanaimo bars which are pure heaven!

The name of nanaimo bars comes from the name of the Nanaimo city located in British Columbia. The bars are made of three delicious layers which give a boost of a heavenly flavour while combined together. The base layer is made of crumbs. Then, comes a layer of custard. Everything is covered with a chocolate topping. Made in such a way, nanaimo bars are crunchy and yummy!

Pouding chômeur

Pouding chômeur is one of the most typical Canadian desserts which was invented during the Great Depression. For that reason, its French name can be translated as “the unemployment pudding”.

Since the pudding is a traditional dish of the unemployed, its ingredients are pretty simple, however, their mixture creates a scrumptious effect. The major ingredient of pouding chômeur is cake batter. The pudding is also covered with hot syrup. Certainly, you can make it on your own, but it is definitely worth to taste this traditional Canadian food while visiting this country.