Traditional Canadian salty dishes and foods everyone should try

You might not be aware of the traditional Canadian dishes, especially if you are coming outside North America. You might assume, this cuisine can be strongly influenced by British and French tradition, however, in the reality, it is much more. If you want to find out more about the most popular and authentic Canadian dishes in order to know what to taste the next time you will be visiting this amazing country, you will definitely find our article helpful.

There is a large variety of salty foods and dishes typical for the Canadian cuisine which are so loved by foreigners. Check these Canadian ideas for fast-food and main courses.


If you are a fan of French fries, in all likelihood, you will love poutine. Poutine is a very specific version of crispy fries served with gravy and cheese curds. The combination of all these ingredients is so successful, that many countries around the world have adopted this French Canadian fast-food dish.

Yet, you should be aware of the fact that the version of fries with cheese is gravy is regarded as a classic one, however, many other toppings for fries are used as well. Some of the most popular ones are smoked meat, bacon or pulled pork. Undeniably, having a portion of French fries with such rich toppings is enough for a course, whereas its price is quite affordable as well. The average price of poutine is  nearly 4.50 USD.


If you would like to taste some Canadian food that is more of a tradition of the Native Tribes, you should taste bannock.

Actually, bannock is a type of bread which used to be a major product consumed by some of the Native Tribes in Canada. This bread is available in two forms. Crispy outside and fluffy inside, is fried bannock, while backed bannock is more dense and heavy like typical bread.

Today, you can find bannock in many places around Canada sold in various new versions such as, for instance, with a topping of grilled bacon.

Canadian seafood

With such access to so many rivers, lakes, seas and oceans, Canadian cuisine definitely includes amazing dishes with fish and other seafood. When you are in Canada, you will get a great opportunity to taste some species of fish which might be not available in your country. For instance, it is a great place to eat arctic char, Pacific salmon, Atlantic salmon as well as East Coast lobsters.

East Coast Lobsters are a major ingredient of delicious Nova Scotian rolls which can’t be missed if you enjoy seafood.

Montreal-style smoked meat

Smoked meat is itself a mouth-watering dish, especially, when the meat had been spiced appropriately prior to grilling.

Yet, Montreal’s smoked meat is something uniquely delicious. The reason for it is the fact that the beef which is usually used for this dish is salted and cured with an addition of spices during an entire week. Only afterwards, the meat is smoked and steamed.

The most popular way of serving Montreal’s smoked meat is as a filling for a sandwich with rye bread and yellow mustard. Furthermore, the meat smoked in the Montreal style is also a popular topping added to poutine.

Chips with Canadian flavours

Canada has its own favourite flavours of chips, a part of which can’t be found anywhere else. While chips with the flavours of barbeque, onions, sour cream or pure salt might be less popular in some countries, but still be available there, Canadians have their exclusive chips flavours as well.

One of the most popular flavours for chips in Canada is ketchup. Another exclusive Canadian flavour is dill and pickle which actually taste very good with fried potatoes.

In addition to it, there are even chips flavoured with another dishes such as, for instance, chips with the flavour poutine.

Peameal bacon

The devotees of bacon should definitely try peameal bacon.

Peameal bacon is made from trimmed pork loin without bones. For the best taste, the bacon should be lean. The trimmed bacon is cured and rolled covered with cornmeal. This is needed for getting special yellow crust on the surface of bacon.

Peameal bacon is juicer than bacon cooked in the American style. At the same time, it is leaner and, thus, people who prefer leaner food regard it tastier than the American-style bacon.

Caesar Cocktail

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Caesar Cocktail is a cocktail and it is regarded to be a Canadian national cocktail. Its ingredients resemble of Bloody Marry, but it is still somewhat different. Caesar Cocktail is made from the Tabasco sauce, the Worcestershire sauce, clamato juice and, of course, vodka.

Still, we added this cocktail into the article about the Canadian dishes due to its rich garnishment. Initially, traditional Caesar Cocktail was decorated with a piece of salt celery rim and well as celery stalks. Today, you will find burgers, sliders, hot dogs, onion rings and even roast chicken attached to your cocktail, that is why we can confidently call it a dish.

As you can see, Canada has its own flavours which will satisfy a tourist with absolutely different food preferences. No matter, whether you enjoy eating seafood or pork or you are a junk food addict, you will undeniably find some delicious dish.