Short trips around Toronto for those who enjoy delicious food and drinks

One of the best ways to explore the culture of a new place is by enjoying its cuisine as well as local alcohols. If you want to get some guidance on the gastronomic side of Toronto and share great experiences with new people, you might be interested in these short trips around Toronto included into our article. These tours wouldn’t take a lot of time, but they will provide you with great memories about the time spent in this Canadian city.

The cultural and historical tour around Toronto including craft beer

If you are looking for a great way to spend an afternoon, you should definitely try Craft Beer, History and Culture Tour. It is quite possible, that you have already been on such tours in other cities, may be even in other countries. The tour offers exploration of the city, its history and culture while you will be making stops at various pubs and bars tasting delicious food and local beer.

The exact plan of the trip

Craft Beer, History and Culture Tour starts at 2 pm. The meeting point of the tour group is outside the Hockey Hall of Fame which is located on the corner of Front St. and Yonge St.

This unique tour will help you to understand the history of Toronto through its tradition of brewery which started in the early 1800’s when the city was already known for the production of its beer. You will learn a lot about the traditions beer-making as well as the local craft brews while walking through the picturesque streets of the old part of Toronto. You will also hear a lot of amusing stories about the role of beer in the life of Torontonians in the past centuries which supposedly helped the citizens of Toronto to overcome many life-threatening diseases including cholera, depression, fires and wars as well as many other unpleasant events.

The tour includes visits to some of the most important historic pubs which are not only offering fantastic beet but also help to understand the history of the city. You will also make a stop at Saint Lawrence Market and visit the Distillery District of Toronto which combines a whiskey factory, an industrial park with a cultural centre full of cafes and art.

One beer is included into the price at each pub stop, however, you can purchase more, if you want.

More details about Craft Beer, History and Culture Tour

The tour is organised for small groups of maximum twelve participants. The tour is accompanied by an English-speaking guide.

Note that this tour is available only to the participants of at least 19 years of age. The price for a ticket starts from 60 USD and includes the guide, two craft beers in the pubs, sampling of the craft beers at a brewery as well as nachos.

Explore Chinatown and Kensington Market with drinks and snacks

There is even a shorter tour around Toronto focusing on its Chinatown and Kensington Market during which you will be able to taste fantastic delicacies of various cuisines and explore the picturesque streets of the most charming colourful streets in Toronto.

The exact plan of the tour

The Kensington Market and Chinatown, Toronto with Snack & Drink tour starts at 10 am and lasts only two hours leaving you an entire day for future adventures in Toronto. The meeting point of the tour is the corner between Dundas Street West and McCaul Street near the Art Gallery of Ontario.

During the tour, your English-speaking guide with tell you a lot about the history of the Kensington area while you will be enjoying the sights of beautiful streets and a busy market. In addition to it, the guide will show you hidden passages between the buildings where you will be able to see some of the most artistic graffiti in Toronto. While strolling down the vendor-lined streets of Kensington Market, you will taste a lot of delicious local food.

One of the greatest points of the tour is visiting Toronto’s Chinatown which is actually one of the greatest Chinese communities in the country. This is a very original place with its own unique atmosphere which is not disturbed by Starbucks or McDonald’s. Yet, you will see many curious shops where you will be able to purchase some exclusive gifts for your family or friends.

More details about The Kensington Market and Chinatown, Toronto with Snack & Drink tour

The price for a ticket for this tour is around 40 USD and it includes a professional English-speaking local guide, a two-hour walking trip, a hot drink, for example, a cup of coffee or tea as well as a snack from local vendors.

Since this tour takes place in the morning and ends in the afternoon, you have a chance to participate in other tours as well the same day.

As you have noticed both of the tours include a lot of walking, which means you should be aware of the weather in Toronto. Although the winters in Toronto are usually rather frigid and snowy, summers can still be hot. That is why it is advised to ensure your clothes is adequate to the temperature. Don’t forget to put on some comfortable shoes as well.