Explore the beauty of Canada visiting its fantastic lakes

Lake Louise is one of the most significant landmarks of Canada which appears particularly frequently in any articles about this fantastic country. Needless to say, this is not the only one lake worth your attention. Even Alberta itself has many other impressive lakes which you should visit one day. Since lakes are a crucial part of Canada, we would like to provide you with even more information about these natural sights.

Moraine Lake

Like Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is also located in Banff National Park which is in Alberta. Actually, according to many people, Moraine Lake is even more captivating than Louise.

Moraine Lake lies even higher than Louise which is 1880 metres above the sea level. The lake is completely fed by glaciers while its surrounding are absolutely outstanding! The home of the lake is the Valley of the Ten Peaks which is an impressive natural sight.

You can enjoy the spectacular views of the Valley as well as Moraine Lake while exploring the walking trails located around the area. There is also an important Perren Route which starts exactly nearby the lake. The route is a climb to the Neil Colgan Hut which usually takes between 8 and 10 hours.

Abraham Lake

Alberta is also a home of artificial lakes some of which are really peculiar, for example, Abraham Lake.

Abraham Lake was created in 1972 on the North Saskatchewan River by the Bighorn Dam. The elevation of the lake is 1340 m and it is located right beyond the Rocky Mountains.

Although Abraham Lake is not a particularly large one, it has an absolutely unique appearance which makes it so attractive to visitors. First of all, its water has an untypical blue colour which is made by a particular rock mountainous floor of the lake.

Another fascinating feature of Abraham Lake is an absolutely unique phenomenon of frozen bubbles which can be observed under the water surface during the winter. These bubbles are created by the methane gas released by rotting plants. The gas is collected under the water which has already frozen and, thus, can’t escape the lake creating unusual patterns in the layers of frozen water.

Berg Lake

British Columbia is also known for its unique natural sights. For instance, this is exactly the area where the highest peak of Canada is located known as Mount Robson. Right in front of this impressive point, you can see a majestic lake with turquoise water coming from glaciers.

Because of the level of the lake as well as its surroundings, the lake is full of icebergs even during the summer season. undeniably, this makes it an even more attractive place for tourists and adventurers. Furthermore, the place has exclusive hiking opportunities since the route is passing through impressive Valley of a Thousand Waterfalls.

Note that you will be able to reach Berg Lake only by using the Berg Lake trail. It starts from a car park and leads to the Robson River. All in all, the trail takes 19 kilometres. Along the way, you will find campsites.

Lake Memphremagog

Quebec is also a great place to explore Canadian lakes, especially if you are interested in yachting. A perfect place for enjoying this activity is Lake Memphremagog which is located between the US Vermont state and Canadian Quebec. Actually, nearly 73% of the lake is situated in Canada.

The picturesque surroundings of this lake are a combination of rugged mountains which can be seen in the west and pristine hills rolling in the east. Furthermore, a particular feature of the Lake Memphremagog is a large amount islands. All in all, there are twenty one of them, whereas fifteen islands are located on the premises of Canada.

As it has already been said, Lake Memphremagog has great yachting facilities. In 2011, summer day cruises were launched around the lake. On top of that, there is also a special sailing club for children located on the lake which is known as Sargent’s Bay Yacht Club.

Spotted Lake

If you are eager to explore some absolutely exclusive natural sights, you should make a trip to Spotted Lake which is located in British Columbia. In order to find this fantastic place, you should go to the desert Osoyoos town which is situated in the Similkameen Valley. Although the lake is regarded as a particularly sensitive ecological area and it is even protected by a special fence, you will still have a chance of making photos of its unusual views.

So, what is so unique in Spotted Lake? As you can guess, the phenomenon is connected to the name of the lake. Spotted Lake has alkali pH and it is highly rich in various minerals. During hot summer months, the water evaporates from the lake leaving the minerals the density of which can be rather large in particular points of the water. There, you can see the minerals creating spots.

These spots are changing during the summer, alternating not only their size or location but also even the colour.