The best one-day tours from Toronto

Although Toronto is not a capital of Canada, this metropolis with population of 2.7 million people situated in Ontario has a lot to offer to its visitors. The infrastructure of the city is highly developed including a great number of tourist attractions such as theatres, museums, restaurants, galleries and zoos. In addition to it, Toronto is an excellent starting point for tours to other tourist destinations. A number of tours organised in Toronto will take only one day, so you will be able to participate in them  even if you come to the city for a short time.

Tours to parks

Canada is well-known for its national parks with their amazing landscapes and fascinating points to explore. You can easily get to some of them from Toronto.

Rattlesnake Point

Rattlesnake point is located very close to Toronto, so you will not have to spend too much time to get there. Actually, because of its close proximity to Toronto, this place is usually chosen by the residents of this city as a destination for a short trip. Rattlesnake point is one of the most popular places to enjoy rock climbing. Here, you will find climbing options for people with different skills, so both enthusiasts and beginners will be able to relish the experience.

After spending a couple of hours climbing the rocks, you can explore the amazing hiking trails located in the park.

Ferris Provincial Park

One of the most amazing places located not far away from Toronto is Ferris Provincial Park. On the one hand, this park is an excellent area to enjoy a day surrounded by serine landscapes. On the other hand, its greatest attraction is Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge.

Ranney Gorge Suspension Bridge connects the banks of the Trent River Gorge and it is one of the greatest spots for observation the splendid views of the scenery of Ferris Provincial Park.

Certainly, there are also great hiking trails located around the park. All in all, there are nearly ten kilometres of hikes surrounded by picturesque scenery. Depending on the season, you will have a chance to see the amazing autumn colours on the leaves or blooming wildflowers.

Swimming and sunbathing

Undeniably, one of the best experiences a person can have is a perfect day on the beach. Fortunately, there are some perfect destinations for enjoying swimming and sunbathing near Toronto as well.

Cobourg Beach

If you happen to be in Toronto in summer, you should definitely use an opportunity to spend some time on Cobourg Beach which is located nearly an hour and a half away from the city. Because of the Canadian climate, the best months for enjoy typical beach activities are July and August, however, the landscape of the place is so attractive that you should visit Cobourg Beach even if your trip doesn’t take place during the hottest summer months.

The beach is a perfect destination for a weekend with its clean water, beautiful scenery and necessary facilities such as changing rooms or picnic tables.

Towns and villages

Needless to say, small towns and villages have their own unique beauty and atmosphere. It is especially pleasant to get a chance to escape to such a quiet place from a large city. Of course, a number of picturesque towns and villages are surrounding Toronto as well.

St Jacob’s

St Jacob’s is one of the most attractive places for those tourists who would like to make a one-day old-world trip while staying in Toronto.

St Jacob’s is a really magic place combining the magnificence of a small town architecture surrounded by pristine nature with fascinating market places. Actually, the markets of St Jacob’s make this place particularly popular among both tourists and the residents of Toronto. Here, you can see a whole range of good unavailable on the mass market. No matter what are you interested in, whether it is home-prepared food or hand-made artisanal objects, you will find a great choice of such goods in St Jacob’s.

For that reason, Christmas is one of the best times to visit St Jacob’s. The variety of goods one can find on the markets of this village during the Christmas time is overwhelming whereas all the holiday decorations are making this place look like pure magic.

Undeniably, you should also have a meal at the food court located in the village where you will able to relish excellent dishes of the highest quality.

Red Clay Hills – Cheltenham Badlands

One of the favourite destinations of the tourists staying in Toronto is Red Clay Hills. Here, not only can you spend a great day exploring the village full of splendid views, but also to have a really great time in Caledon.

Caledon is a popular brewery of a craft cider. The brewery has become a crucial manufacturer on the market of crafted cider especially due to its Spirit Tree Cider. If you enjoy drinking cider and would like to taste this Canadian product while relishing a delicious lunch in the nearby bistro, you should definitely visit Red Clay Hills.