Banff National Park & the Rocky Mountains – Everything you should know before you visit

Banff National Park is a prominent tourist attraction of Canada, which is located in Alberta. This is the very first national park of Canada. Tourists will find it as an easy task to get into Banff National Park as well. That’s because it is located just a 1.5 hour drive away from the west of Calgary. There is a massive hot springs reserve in the land where Banff National Park sits. In addition to that, Rocky Mountains are located inside Banff National Park as well. Hence, you can call it as one of the biggest national parks in the region as well. It has an area of more than 6,600 square kilometers.

Things to do at Banff National Park

Millions of people from around the world tend to visit Banff National Park every single year. Most of the tourists tend to call it as a heaven that is located on top of the planet. The snowcapped peaks are in a position to make the surroundings look great.

No matter whether you visit Banff National Park during the summer time or winter time, you will be provided with a large number of activities to take part in an enjoy. For example, Banff National Park is capable of offering the best white water rafting experience to the guests. Likewise, you can also think about visiting to the top of the Rocky Mountains as well. It will be a journey that you cannot forget for a lifetime.

There are numerous other activities available for the tourists to enjoy as well. Some of the most prominent activities out of them include bird-watching, hiking, golfing, fishing, skiing, canoeing, mountain climbing and taking part in guided tours. You will notice that you are exposed to a large number of guided tours in Banff National Park. It is up to you to take a look at those different guided tours and go ahead with the best ones. Then you can enjoy the time of your life while you are spending your time at Banff National Park.

Staying at Banff National Park

You will not be able to visit Banff National Park and come back in just one day. In fact, you will have to spend a couple of days in here to get the best experience offered by it to the tourists. Spending few days at Banff National Park will not be a difficult thing to do as it offers numerous accommodation options. If you are interested in enjoying a luxurious stay, you can take a look at the hotels. Or else, you can find many other inns and resorts in the region as well. You just need to pick an option out of them and enjoy your vacation in the park.

Festivals in Banff National Park

A large number of festivals are taking place at Banff National Park throughout the year. If you can plan your trip accordingly, you will receive the opportunity to take part in these festivals as well. However, it is important to notice that most of the festivals taking place at Banff National Park happen during the summer time. Therefore, you should think about visiting there during the summer time to get the best possible experience.

One of the most popular festivals that you can find in Banff National Park is the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival. On the other hand, Canada Day Celebrations take place at Banff National Park as well. If you are interested in getting a unique experience out of your stay at the park during winter time, you should think about taking part in the Winter Start Festival. This festival is taking place at the beginning of the winter. Towards the end of the winter, you can find another large scale festival taking place at Banff National Park, which is called as the Ice Magic Festival.

Visit Banff National Park and you will never forget the great experience offered!