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The enchanting island of Canada – Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is a fascinating tourist attraction that you can find in the western region of Canada. It is quite popular among the locals. However, international tourists can also think about visiting Vancouver Island to get the best experience offered out of it.

One of the most interesting facts to note about Vancouver Island is that it is a popular retirement hotspot among people in the country. However, the summer cottagers and university has introduced some younger edge into the island as well. The island is known for its affordable cost of living. Hence, people who are looking for a way to reduce their living expenses prefer to come to Vancouver Island and enjoy their time.

Things to do at Vancouver Island

You will be able to take part in numerous fun-filled activities while you are exploring Vancouver Island. One of the best things that you can do out of them is to visit the Old Country Market, which is located in Coombs. It has got goats, who live in the roof. However, you shouldn’t feel bad about these goats because they can find lots of space and grass on top of the roofs.

Tourists who come to Vancouver Island will also be able to think about visiting a winery. There are 20 different wineries located across. Most of the wineries out of them can be found within the Cowichan Valley. You will be able to get a perfect wine tasting experience by going forward with a wine tour. The wines that you can find in Vancouver Island are not just delicious. You will also be able to experience a rich taste out of them.

Whale watching is another popular activity that visitors to Vancouver Island take part in. This is one of the best areas around the world to enjoy whales. In fact, you can witness whales that belong to many different species in here. They include the humpback whales as well as killer whales.

The Beacon Hill Park will be one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vancouver Island. This is a scenic park, which will provide you with numerous photography opportunities. The park covers an area of more than 200 acres. You will be able to call it as a great place to relax. There are numerous tennis courts available in this park. In addition to that, you can witness a petting zoo, flower beds and a lawn bowling arena as well.

What is the best time to visit Vancouver Island?

The best time of the year to visit Vancouver Island is during summer months. That’s because you can discover a large number of outdoor attractions and activities to engage with during the summer months. The temperature during summer time is mild as well. There is very little rainfall. Hence, you can explore the island and all the tourist attractions offered by it without facing any issues.

However, you should note that the accommodation expenses are quite high during the summer time. That’s because a large number of tourists tend to visit Vancouver Island during the summer season.

If you are specifically looking forward to get the whale watching experience at Vancouver Island, you should think about visiting in between August and December. The winters in this island are quite mild. However, you can expect a lot of rainfall to happen during the winter months.

How to get around Vancouver Island

You can find an excellent public transportation system in Vancouver Island. It will provide all the support that you need to get around in the island. Or else, you can think about renting a bike. It is a convenient method available to explore the island. There are BC Ferries available for you to explore the different regions of the island as well. You can also think about seeking their assistance to get the most out of time that you spend in Vancouver Island.


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