Explore the Old Quebec City and take go for a journey back in history

Are you interested in exploring how Canada looked like in past? Then you should think about visiting Old Quebec. This is one of the well-preserved cities that you can find in the country and it guarantees to provide you with a great experience out of the stay.

In the moment you visit Old Quebec, you will feel like you have come to Paris. That’s because you can find cobblestone streets, sidewalk cafes and French films showing on the streets. This is one of the few North American cities that can provide you with European charm. Old Quebec was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in the year 1985. It has a rich history that spans over more than 400 years. Due to the same reason, you can even call Old Quebec as one of the oldest cities that you can find in North America as well.

Things to do in Old Quebec

You can get yourself lost in history when you are at Old Quebec. Along with that, you will be provided with numerous activities to take part in as well. There are many neighborhoods available for you to explore. You can spend an entire day by exploring these different neighborhoods that you can see. This is an excellent walkable city. Hence, you will not feel like getting into a bus or train to explore the city.

While you are roaming around in Old Quebec, you can take a look at the breathtaking architecture that you can find all around you. The architecture that you see would never fail to impress you. In fact, the architecture that you can see at Old Quebec would be quite similar to what you can witness while you are in front of Notre-Dame de Quebec.

At a corner of Old Quebec, you will be able to discover quaint inn, which is named as Auberge Du Tressor. It is paired with a restaurant, which is well-known among tourists because of the iconic red colored roof that it has. You should never miss out enjoying a great meal served at this restaurant. In fact, you must try out the al fresco meal. While you are enjoying the meal, you will also be able to see how lots of old-fashioned people are dining in. This is one of the most popular restaurants among locals in Old Quebec.

There are dozens of artists in the streets of Old Quebec. You can take a look at their fine work while you are exploring Old Quebec. In addition to that, you will also get the opportunity to get your portrait drawn by one of these skilled artist as well.

Tips to explore Old Quebec

If you are planning to get the most out of your trip to Old Quebec, you are encouraged to keep on exploring without having any specific plans in your mind. You should think about doing this in the afternoons. Then you will be able to have a free mindset and appreciate all the unique experiences or attractions that you will come across. While you are doing it, you will be amazed with glorious architecture at all times.

Best time to visit Old Quebec

The best time of the year to visit Old Quebec is the summer. That’s because you can find how a large number of activities are taking place in Old Quebec during the summer days. In fact, the streets are filled with people during the warmer days. Therefore, you will be provided with the chance to enjoy locally crafted patio while sitting on a patio. You are also provided with numerous activities to take part in.

One of the most prominent festivals that take place in Old Quebec is the Festival d’état de Quebec. This is an 11-day long festival.

Keep these facts in your mind and visit Old Quebec. You will never get disappointed with the experience that you can secure out of it.