Unique products one can get only in Canada

What is the first thing you recall if we ask you about original Canadian dietary products? We bet it is maple syrup! Certainly, Canada is the motherland of maple syrup, however, this country has plenty of other absolutely exclusive and undeniably delicious treats that you will hardly purchase abroad. Furthermore, some of these products are so rare that the citizens of one part of the country can’t purchase the specials produced in another part of their country. Look at that list and plan your groceries for the next time you will be visiting Canada!

1.      Butter Tarts

In all likelihood, butter tarts are originated in France and were brought to Canada in the mid-1600s, however, according to some historical sources, butter tarts occur in the Canadian cookbooks for the first time in the early 1900s.

Today, this is one of the most popular Canadian dessert which looks like pastry tart shells with filling. Typically, this filling consists of sugar, corn or maple syrup, raisins and butter. The butter tart dessert is available not only as a freshly backed treat in bakeries but also in its pre-packaged form.

2.      Caesars

If Bloody Mary is one of your favourite drinks, you should give a shot to Canadian Caesars. Caesars is a traditional cocktail made of vodka, Tabasco or any other hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Clamato juice, pepper, celery, lime and olives. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Caesars will first give you the buzz and then rescue you from hangover.

3.      Milk chocolate

Not everyone is aware of the fact, the Canadian milk chocolate is featured by extremely creamy consistency and delicate taste which makes this dessert one of the best in the world.

Some of the typical examples of the Canadian chocolate are Caramilk, Crispy Crunch, Wunderbar and Aero. Furthermore, even the American chocolate produced in Canada, for instance, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Kit Kat have a totally different taste from the bitter and gritty chocolate produced in the USA.

That is why don’t forget to buy some milk chocolate as a present to your family and friends while you are in Canada!

4.      Laura Secord Chocolates

Do you want even more unique Canadian chocolates? Don’t forget about Laura Secord Chocolates!

Laura Secord was a war hero warning the British and Canadian forces in the Ware of 1812. In order to commemorate her name, Frank P. O’Connor used her name for the calling a candy shop located on the Yonge Street in Toronto.

Currently, Laura Secord candy shops are extremely popular in Canda. All in all there more than 100 stores around the country today with over 400 of confectionery products. An example of the most favourite Laura Secord’s treat is marshmallow Santa Claus.

5.      Red River Cereal

Canada also has its unique type of cereal that can be prepared by adding boiling water. This special cereal is known under the brand of Red River Cereal and it is made of rye, wheat and flaxseed. Red River Cereal has been extremely popular since 1924 and Smuckers food of Canada once tried to import this popular food to The USA. Yet, the hot cereal didn’t gain the same popularity in America.

6.      Hickory Sticks

Do you like potato chips? Then, you should try Canadian Hickory Sticks that have been produced by Lays since 1990. These chips are featured by their untypical julienne cut as well as smoky and tangy flavouring. Hickory Sticks have a long history and these chips are still on the market today.

7.      Hawkins Cheezies

Another popular Candian snack is known as Hawkins Cheezies. This is extracted cornmeal formed into the shape of fingers. These “fingers” are fried and dusted with aged cheddar cheese. Some people find Hawkins Cheezies similar to Cheetos Crunchy, however others claim the Candian snack has an absolutely unique taste. No matter who is right, you should definitely try Hawkins Cheezies that have already been on the market more than 100 years.

8.      McCain Deep N’ Delicious Cake

Another treat for the devotees of confectionery is McCain Deep N’ Delicious Cake. McCain Deep N’ Delicious Cake is a moist cake offered in several flavours including chocolate, vanilla and marble. A characteristic feature of this cake is also a sweet icing.

McCain Deep N’ Delicious Cake is sold packed into an aluminium trail with a plastic dome lid.

9.      Dunk-a-roos

One more Canadian product for satisfying your sugar craving are exclusive Betty Crocker’s cookies. What is so special about this confectionery product?

First of all, they are made of the graham flour. Secondly, they are made in the shape of kangaroos. Thirdly, they are topped with sweet icing. Unfortunately, these amazing cookies can’t be purchased in The USA.

10. Kraft Dinner

KD or Kraft Dinner is a blend of past and powdered cheese sold in a tube. On the one hand, there is nothing special in this dish, however, approximately 1.7 million boxes of Kraft Dinner is consumed by Canadians a week! Certainly, you should check what is so special about this product once in Canada.