The list of the best museums to visit in Toronto

Are you looking for some information about the most amazing museums and galleries located in Toronto? Then, you should check the list of the top tourist attractions we have prepared for the visitors of the Canadian capital. Here, you will find art galleries, historical museums as well as kid-friendly exhibitions that will be a great location for exploration during your family trip.

Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum is the place where everyone can find something interesting for oneself due to its enormous collection of artefacts including both historical and cultural items. Here, you will find absolutely everything. The exhibitions available in this museum will show you fantastic showpieces starting from the art of the prehistoric people up to the contemporary fashion.

Note that Royal Ontario Museum is also a home to various cultural events. One of the most amazing is known as Friday Night Live. If you visit the museum during time, you will have a unique chance to have fun at the party with drinks, food and live DJs held right in the galleries.

Art Gallery of Ontario

Providing you are a real lover of fine arts, you should visit the Art Gallery of Ontario.

First of all, this place is not similar to any other gallery of the world due to Frank Gehry who made his best in order to transform the Art Gallery of Ontario into a sculpture itself. The extraordinary appearance of its exterior and interior makes it a top location on the list of all fans of architectural design.

Second of all, the Art Gallery of Ontario has a magnificent collection of art works. All in all, there are over 95 000 pieces of art. Certainly, you will see a large number of the works created by the Canadian artists in this collection as well.

Museum of Contemporary Art

Even more works by the contemporary Canadian artists can be found in the Museum of Contemporary Art. This legendary museum used to be known by the name of Mocca which stood for Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Since 2018, its home has been the Tower Automotive Building located in the Toronto’s Junction Triangle.

The exhibits in this museum are constantly changing so you have a chance to see the works of various artists. Some of the most notable ones opened to the museum’s visitors this summer were Art in Use: Honest Shop and The Life of a Dead Tree by Mark Dion.

Furthermore, there is also an amazing installation of 74 modules made of foam created by Andreas Angelidakis and presented to the visitors as DEMOS – A Reconstruction Invitation Project. The peculiar feature about this installation is that it can be rearranged by public. Seeing the installation is free of charge.

Bata Shoe Museum

How about visiting a real museum dedicated to shoes? Such a museum is housed in another extraordinary building designed by Raymond Moriyama in Toronto.

Bata Shoe Museum is a unique place where you will have an opportunity of exploring a gigantic collection of more than thirteen thousand of shoes from all over the world. Furthermore, some of the footwear displayed in the museum comes from the ancient time which makes the collection even more valuable.

Textile Museum of Canada

One more Canadian museum dedicated to the things that each of us is using on a daily basis is the Textile Museum. Actually, this is the only place displaying an unusual collection of textile materials in Canada, and we bet you will not find too many places like this around the world.

The major subjects of interest of this museum are the art of the textile design as well as the role of textiles in our lives, so you should be prepared to seeing an absolutely mind-blowing exhibition of almost thirteen thousand artefacts. The oldest textile materials presented in this museum have more than 200 years! Furthermore, you will see samples of textile art from 200 regions from the globe in this Canadian museum.

Hockey Hall of Fame

There is no way you can omit the museum dedicated to the favourite sport of almost every Canadian which is undeniably hockey. If you happen to be a fan of hockey, you will also find a lot of interesting items in the Hockey Hall of Fame located in Toronto.

This museum is all about hockey, its history and of course the greatest Canadian hockey players. The museum displays an abundance of items related to the hockey and also offers some interactive experience. For example, there is the Shoot Out simulation of a game of hockey in which you can play against some of the famous Canadian players.

Casa Loma

Undeniably, because of its relatively young age, Canada doesn’t have too many palaces to show to its visitors. One of such rare buildings located in Toronto is beautiful Casa Loma styled like a luxurious European château.

Casa Loma was built in 1914 and it used to be a house of Sir Henry Pellat who was one of the most successful Canadian financiers. Apart from being a magnificent building itself, Casa Loma also has five acres of amazing gardens.

The rooms of Casa Loma are now opened to the visitors of this place and the third floor of the palace is occupied by a museum.