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Free Activities to do in Canada You Will Enjoy

free activities to do in Canada

Keep your serotonin at high without overspending with free activities to do in Canada. The local produce and souvenirs are also up for grabs!

This article will feature the best five free activities to do in Canada and explain why you will enjoy doing these things.


Top Free Activities to do in Canada

1.   Visit the Riverdale Farm

Immersing in agricultural wonders remains to be free in 2021. The Riverdale Farm is a fantastic place to visit for free in Canada.

This 7.5-acre farm features animal paddocks that house beautiful dairy cows, sheep & goats, pigs, along various poultry animals. Have fun enjoying the fullness of the farm’s ambiance through the 3 km trail.

You may opt to visit the buildings within the farm if they are opened. The local produce and souvenirs are also up for grabs if you want to spend a few bucks while at it.

2.   Capture the Scenic View from Niagara Falls

Perhaps Canada’s biggest attraction, visiting Niagara Falls, is another of the free activities to do in Canada.

This tourist magnet invites millions of visitors each year. Why shouldn’t it? Apart from being free, it is an incredible natural resource.

Daredevils have attempted to brave the enormous 57-meter point drop through the years! Walk along the trails of Clifton Hill and feast from restaurants surrounding the attraction.

3.   Take on the mantle of a paleontologist.

The Dinosaur Provincial Park of Alberta is a famous repository of dinosaur fossils predating 75 million years back. The Park has no admission fee whatsoever, so you can visit and explore like a real paleontologist.

Who knows, you might be able to participate in a dig. If hiking is more your thing, then the trails this place offers are one of a kind—and exciting addition to the list of free activities to do in Canada.

4.   Enjoy Authentic Canadian Artistry in the Art Gallery of Ontario

The building and internal structures in themselves burst with fantastic artistry. But pool it together with the paintings from Canada’s greatest artists, and you have yourself a masterpiece.

Anyone under the age of 25 can enter the place freely. You read that right. You can enjoy an impeccable art exhibit just for being young.

5.   Join Free Events in Evergreen Brick Works

Evergreen Brick Works is a community to visit if you’re looking for free activities to do in Canada. This environmental center features various exhibitions and a barrage of events all year round.

You may join for free or pay whatever you can to join activities like yoga classes, workshops for children, and public skating rinks, among others.

Visit their website to know their schedules before visiting.



Knowing the options to enjoy some free activities in Canada can help people save resources and travel smart while still making the most out of their visits. Canada is a fantastic place, and the amount of free stuff you can enjoy is a privilege.

If you are around the Canada area, try to do the ones written above. They are indeed free, but not in any way less enjoyable.



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