travel smart in Canada

Tips to Travel Smart in Canada

There are a couple of things you have to do to have fun and travel smart in Canada. Aside from enjoying your vacation, it is also essential to be assured that you are safe and secure.

For example, it is excellent to know which areas you should avoid, where you can go for emergencies, and how you can prepare for extreme weather conditions. In this article, we will be sharing with you five tips to travel smart in Canada.


Five Tips on How to Travel Smart in Canada

1. Be prepared for the weather.

To travel smart in Canada, you need to be prepared for the weather. The temperature and climate differ across Canada, so it would be best to conduct your research before traveling. For instance, the weather conditions in Vancouver during winter will be different from Winnipeg’s weather conditions. Some of the winter essentials you can bring with you include wool accessories, a waterproof jacket, coats, and snow boots.

2. Be aware of petty crimes.

Petty crimes are present all over the world. Usually, thieves target tourists since they believe that foreigners are “easy targets” and wouldn’t bother to take the time and file a report over a stolen watch, wallet, or even a phone since this would take up most of their time. One handy tip is always to carry a photocopy of your passport wherever you go and not leave any of your valuables behind, especially in a parked vehicle.

3. Watch the news.

Our next travel smart in Canada is always watch the news. Just because you are in a foreign country doesn’t mean that you can be complacent and be comfortable with being unaware of what is happening around you. It is essential to watch the news regardless of where you are to stay updated and be in the know of important things such as the weather, exchange rates, traffic, and to know what is going on in the place you are planning to visit.

4. Don’t forget your visa.

Many different nationalities are requires to present an ETA or an Electronic Travel Authorization visa to gain entry to Canada. It is inexpensive, but you must purchase it online beforehand.

5.   Don’t just dive into the water.

Finally, on our list of tips to travel smart in Canada, be careful in treading the waters. Canada’s coastline is one of the world’s longest, which means that there are many places for you to take a dip during summer. However, you have to be careful in entering the water, even if you are a pro swimmer. Remember that the ocean’s currents are unpredictable, and avoid diving into the water without consulting a local guide first because Canada has lots of rocky oceanside cliffs.



It is possible to have fun and travel smart in Canada all at the same time. Having fun while not jeopardizing your safety is all about following the rules. Traveling smart will also help you find affordable spots! So, enjoy your travel and stay safe!