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Official symbols of Canada

In all likelihood, thinking about a symbol of Canada, you will immediately think about a maple leaf. Indeed, the picture of a maple leaf is extremely popular in this country and you can find it absolutely everywhere starting with the flag of Canada itself and currency up to the logos of various companies and the emblems of sports teams. It is obvious that a maple leaf is an official symbol of Canada.

In this article, you will learn a bit about the history beyond the maple leaf Canadian symbol as well as about other official symbols of this country.

Why is a maple leaf a symbol of Canada?

A maple leaf became a symbol of this area in 1700 which means it has already been used by the country as its symbol for over 300 years. That is so because maple itself was a very crucial plant for the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. For them, the maple sap was a food staple. Not only the leaf of maple is a Canadian symbol, but also the entire tree is. Currently, maple tree is the arboreal emblem.

Even though modern Canadians have a way more food options to choose from, this country is still the major producer of maple syrup in the world. According to the latest data, this country is producing nearly three quarters of the entire output of maple syrup in the world.

Interestingly, this country even has its own Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve which was created with a view to stabilising the level of prices of this delicious treat. The Reserve itself is a warehouse located in Quebec. Currently, the Reserve has 50% of the entire storage of maple syrup in the world. All in all, the Reserve has around 80.000 barrels of the syrup.

An official animal of Canada

Canada has its own official animal symbol which is a beaver. This emblem is also very old. Just like the maple leaf symbol was adopted over three hundred years ago, the same happened to this animal. The symbol of a beaver can be found in various places in Canada as well. Just like a maple leaf, it is also used on coins. For instance you can see it on the reverse side of a coin of the value of fice-cent coins.

Now, what is exactly the animal so respected by Canadians?

It is a beaver. There are several reasons why this animal is so crucial to Canada. One of the reasons was the entire industry of producing beaver coats. In fact, Canada was pretty famous for its production of beaver coats back to that time.

Canadians also like the personality treats associated with beavers. For instance, these animals seem to be particularly persistent and skilful. Needless to say, everyone should emulate such traits.

The national Canadian horse

Canada has its own national horse breed which is known as the Canadian horse. This breed was officially proclaimed to be the national horse of Canada in 2002.

This horse breed is a mixture of Andalusian, Arabian and Barb. Canadian horses are widely known for their intelligence, endurance, strength and resilience. At the same time, they have a very good temper.

The Canadian national sports

It is not difficult to guess that the national sports of Canada is ice hockey. Yet, this sports is regarded a national one for winter. There is also a national summer sports which is lacrosse. The National Sports Act of Canada launched in 1994 admitted these sports to be national officially.

The Maple Leaf Tartan

The Maple Leaf Tartan is a beautiful pattern based on the red, green, golden and brown colours which are symbolising the changes of maple leaves through the seasons. The pattern was created by David Weiser in 1967 and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the confederation of Canada.

The Maple Leaf Tartan has been an official symbol of Canada since 2011. Now, it is widely used by Canadians to celebrate crucial dates for the country such as Tartan Day and Canada Day. It is also used in the official uniforms of The Royal Canadian Regiment Pipes and Drums.

Canadian Coat of Arms

The emblem currently used by Canada as its Coat of Arms was adopted in 1921. His Majesty King Georgy V made the proclamation which made the current emblem be the official Canadian Coat of Arms. By the way. the official colours of Canada were also announced at the same day. These colours are white and red.

The national anthem of Canada

The first time the current anthem of Canada was sung was in 1880. The title of the anthem is “O Canada” and it was composed by Calixa Lavalee. The English lyrics for this anthem was written by Robert Stanley Weir. Adolphe-Basile Routhier was the author of the French lyrics.

Even though the anthem had already been existing for quite a long time, it was not proclaimed to be the official anthem of Canada in 1980.

The national flag of Canada

The current version of the Canadian national flag was adopted by the Canadian parliament in 1965. The flag contains the emblem of a maple leaf as the national colours of Canada which, as it has already been mentioned, are red and white.



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