The most unusual museums of Ontario

If you are one of the people who are looking for truly unique places whenever you are travelling, you should undeniably check this list of unusual museums of Ontario. Here, you will find very peculiar collections which will let you to learn more about the things you like whether they are planes or shoes.

The unusual Ontarian museums on fashion

Toronto has a couple of curious museums with very untypical collections which will be particularly interesting to anyone who loves fashion.

The Textile Museum of Canada

No matter whether you are shopaholic purchasing anything which is trendy now, a fashion designer yourself or just a person curious about history, you will certainly have a great time exploring the vast collection of exhibits collected in The Textile Museum of Canada located under the address of 55 Centre Avenue in Toronto.

Currently, the permanent collection of the museum has 13,000 artefacts of textiles. Note that these items represent the evolution of textiles within two thousand years.

The Bata Shoe Museum

Another fantastic place for everyone interested in fashion, design and history is The Bata Shoe Museum which is located on 327 Bloor Street in Toronto.

This museum also depicts the history of the development of shoes including various stages with major changes in this necessary item. Actually, the span exhibited by this museum is even greater than it is in the case of The Textile Museum of Canada as it has artefacts as old as 4,500 years.

The permanent exhibition of this museum is called All About Shoes and it includes such unique items as ancient sandals used in Egypt as well as Chinese bound shoes. The exhibition will also show you a collection of shoes worn by the 20th-century celebrities.

The best Ontarian museums dedicated to history and technology

In this part of the article, you will find amazing museums on history and technology. The collections of these museums will be interesting to both people who are curious about technology and to those who are more attracted by history since the development of technology is a part of the history itself.

The Oil Museum of Canada

Needless to say how crucial oil industry is for modern people. Even though everyone is using goods and services relying on oil, not everyone is aware of the fact the oil industry as we know it today was born in Ontario.

The Oil Museum of Canada is located in the Village of Oil Springs. This is a unique area with the first North American preserved commercial oil well still preserved. Undeniably, this place will be of a great interest to the visitors who love history as it will help you to learn the captivating history of the Oil Pioneers of Canada.

The Canadian War Museum

Another great place to learn more about history is The Canadian War Museum which is located in Ottawa. Of course, a great part of the materials of the collection of this museum is dedicated to the studies of the military history of Canada, however, it is also a great place to learn about armed conflicts better.

The Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology

If you happen to be in Hamilton while staying in Canada, check the Museum of Steam and Technology located on 900 Woodward Avenue. This is a great place to explore the history of the early industrial revolution as well as the oldest stationary steam engines built in Canada which will impress you with their gigantic weight of 70 tons each.

The Canadian Canoe Museum

As you can imagine, The Canadian Canoe Museum is dedicated to canoes. Although canoes are not particularly advanced technologically artefacts, they are very significant to the Canadian history. As the name suggests, the museum has a collection of paddled watercraft including canoes and kayaks. Currently, over a hundred of kayaks and canoes are displayed at this museum.

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Tourists who are crazy about military aircraft cannot miss the exclusive collection of airplanes stored in the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. So far, the collection of the museum has nearly fifty aircraft which were used by the Canadian military during World War II as well as modern military aircraft flown by Canadian. This museum is located in Hamilton, so, if you are going to visit it, do not forget to have a stop at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology mentioned above.

The Canada’s Penitentiary Museum

If you are visiting Ontario, remember to visit one more absolutely unique and somewhat unusual museum which is The Canada’s Penitentiary Museum. This incredible museum is dedicated to the federal penitentiaries of Canada where you will be able to learn their history. The museum is located in Kingston in the residence which used to be a penitentiary itself.

Other peculiar museums located in Ontario are The Canadian Bushplane Heritage Centre, The Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Diefenbunker: Canada’s Cold War Museum and even The Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum.